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Connecting Health and Wellness "Talk"

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LinkedHealth Innovations

Connecting Healthcare "Talk"

We are bringing new meaning to open channel social media collaboration.

Early childhood development is critical and we are committed to bridging the gap with either information, referrals and even providing therapy.


One of the biggest challenges and opportunities to help change lives across the United States. Services coming in 2024


Exercise, diet, habits and alternative nutrition that have science backed evidence to improve quality and longevity of life. Shop through our preferred relationships Ancient Nutrition and BrainTap today!

Senior Care

Let us help you find the right healthcare information and providers in your community. Start with asking Ruby, our Virtual Care Navigator





Innovations, Issues and Events Driving GETC
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Cari Shaw

What some early care navigation customers are saying about us!

LinkedHealth Pensacola researched and found specific healthcare needs when my husband was in the hospital and we were transitioning to a rehab facility. They were able to match us up with a wonderful provider that made the transition seamless.  They went out of their way to make all the necessary contacts in a situation that could have been complicated..  They know our healthcare industry!

Our Preferred Provider Network


Connecting the dots and conversations across all channels for the good of Healthcare

Free Download - Get our Patient and Family Communication Checklist.  Don't let a family member or loved one go to the Doctor without it. Print it out and have it ready ahead of any possible healthcare event. Place it at the bedside at home, in a hospital bed, skilled nursing or assisted living facility bed. Let's help our Doctors better understand our communication needs!

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