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Our Mission

LinkedHealth Innovations is a health and wellness navigation service and online community brought to you by industry professionals that work within the healthcare and wellness industries. By linking healthcare, wellness, people, and communities across multiple social media platforms, we are on a mission to highlight trending health and wellness topics and attract people from every discipline to engage in a "community" healthcare conversation. LinkedHealth communities are emerging in major metro cities across the United States.

Let's "GetTalking"

Transforming the nation's Healthcare Dialog

Is your organization helping to change healthcare access, utilization, equity and efficiency? If so, we want to talk. Contact our Partner Services Program Today. Conversations, technologies and business initiatives focused on the following really get us excited:

  • Early Childhood Development

  • Community Senior Care Navigation

  • Direct to Consumer Compounding Pharmaceuticals

  • Ambient interfaces and technology impact on healthcare

  • Mental health access and awareness

  • Longevity and Biohacking

  • Hospital in Home and Emergency Care provided in home

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